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Shaolin Temple, "World first temple", is the ancestor’s courtyard of Chinese Buddhism and the birthplace of Shao lin martial arts. From Ancient times to present, emperors in all previous dynasties, military and political leaders, the eminent monks, famous man of letters and great painters go on patrol, practice the sacrificial offering, perform China Gongfu, create great literature works, repair the palace and construct the Chinese style pavilion. The Shaolin temple has left us numerous historical scenic spots and the dazzling culture.
The Shaolin Temple boasts for its profound and unique culture and its sublime and splendid natural scenery. She attracts a great many tourists with different skin color and different language who want to satisfy their curiosity and seek out the places of interests. Shaolin Temple becomes the world famous pilgrimage for tourists because she owns the terrific Shaolin martial arts which makes people yearn for, the mysterious Shaolin Buddhism, the Shaolin wonderful medical skill with incomparable effect, world famous tower forests, the palatial and magnificent tower and pavilion, the fine inscription on stone tablet and bronze stele carving, and the broad mural and exquisite sculpture.
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