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Ⅰ. Company Logo
 Zhengzhou Yuke Glass Technology Co., Ltd adopts the trademark of the company products as its logo, composed of the artistic text of “Y” and the shortened form “Yuke” at the right bottom. The connotation is that “Yuke” stands for Zhengzhou Yuke Glass Technology Co., Ltd, and the artistic text of “Y” means that the company, based on Central China, radiates across the country and goes global. 
 Ⅰ. Business concept 
 People-oriented and develop the enterprise through science and technology
 Integrity supreme, and quality first,
 Ⅱ. Corporate spirit 
 "Struggle and innovation, first-class and high-efficiency,
 “Dedication to job, and pioneering and enterprising spirit
 Ⅲ. Staff oath
 As a member of “Yuke”, I feel proud all my life. I should treasure time to study hard, make active and courageous efforts for the efficiency of the enterprise, and initiatively get over difficulties with an indomitable spirit. With optimistic world outlook, and kind, generous, firm and constant life philosophy, I will constantly learn new knowledge, skills and concepts to achieve my lifetime goal, and make unremitting efforts and bring my talents into full play to contribute to the society.
 Ⅳ. Staff song
 I came to this world by accident just like dust,
 Nobody sees through my fragility
 My emotion connects where I came from
 Who will call me at the next moment
 This is a big but bitter world
 I’ve went through ups and downs in the life
 How many tear and how much love still remained
 I should let the God know I’m not defeated
 With an indebted spirit, I thank you
 For you accompany my whole life, I have the courage to do myself
 With an indebted spirit, I thank the fate
 No matter flowers blossom and wilt, I will treasure you all the same 
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