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glass frosting powder
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Yuke was established in 1995 ,mainly engaged in the research & development, production , sales of etching chemical and its technology for glass processing.
Including bottles, plates, lamps and crafts glass, coverthe etching processing of all glass products
Improve efficiency& production, reduce the cost , it is for series of glass bottles etching processing
Light transmission 90% and above, reflectivity 1% and below, gloss 60% and above, pictures with this glass are much clearer and softer in light
Glass Etching Chemical
We have passed ISO, ROHS certification, one of the top ten etching chemical manufacturers in China.
It is for glass bottles made of soda-lime materials. The processed bottles can be used as package for liquor,fruit wine and apple vinegar,etc.
The frosted glass surface is even and smooth, with hazy and moist appearance, which reflect a pure, fresh, elegant feeling.
The frosted lamp filter the light through it, greatly ease the visual pressure caused by dazzling light. It is helpful to alleviate eye fatigue, with its even, delicate, dreamy hazy appearance.
Particles on frosted glass surface is small and uniform.Se utiliza principalmente a las heladas artesania de vidrio hechas con sodio ordinario y material de calcio.
Taking water as medium in production, so it is more friendly for environment. It is suitable for all soda-lime materal glass products, such as flat glass, glass bottles, glass block, arts and crafts glass, mirror glass and other glass frosting processing.
Tailored Service
We provide tailored service with the support from our independent research and development center, to meet your requirements on the etched glass processing.
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without fingerprint effect
Particles distribute uniformly on the frosted glass surface and it is obviously bigger than classic satin effect, fingerprint caused by sweat will disappear instantly when touch. Its specialty like diamond shining under the light, combine its hazy and no- fingerprint characteristic, leave people a fresh novelty with comfortand pleasure.
Gradual changing effect
The particles on glass surface spread from shallow to deep, greatest to least, showing a vision effect from clear to hazy gradually. The finished products can be used to sun room(winter garden), office partition and so on.
Pioneer in the filed, leading its development
It is also named as ice-pattern frosted effect, looks like layered structure, with anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint effect. In light, the frosted glass surface shining as snow in the sun, glittering with special visual effect.
AG glass processing
The character is to make the original glass reflective surface to rough and non-reflective surface( surface with sags and crests ). The theory is to do special processing on the double sides or single side of high quality glass, which will make the glass have a lower reflectivity compared to the ordinary glass. The light reflectivity will lowered from 8% to below 1%, the light transmittance will be developed to more than 90% and the gloss will up to more than 60%.
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